RACUMIN® Waxblock 0.0375 BB


Racumin® Wax Block 0.0375 BB is a ready-mixed anticoagulant rodenticide in the form of a blue block to control Rattus argentiventer and Rattus tiomanicus.

A pest management solution that is easy to apply with high palatability and compatible with controls using owls or other natural predators.

Racumin® Wax Block 0.0375 BB provides effective rat control with lower risk for non-targeted pets or animals.


Technical Specification :

  • Active ingridient : Coumatetralyl 0.0375% w/w
  • Formulation : BB (Baiting Block)
  • Physical Properties : Solid-shaped (block), ready-made feed, turquoise
  • Function : To control Rattus argentiventer (rice mice) and Rattus tiomanicus (tree rat)
  • Packaging : Sachet @ 50 gram (content : 11 blocks)

Product excellence :

  • Multiple feed rodenticides so low risk for pets & non-target animals (which may eat dead mice)
  • Consisting of more than 5 feedstocks of ingredients, from wheat to rice as the main ingredient.
  • Easy to use
  • Overcoming Scary bait
  • Cost effective
  • Contains a bitter taste substance that prevents non-target and human animals from ingesting this product.

Segmentation / Place of Use:

  • Airplane
  • Food Factory
  • Commercial buildings
  • Plantation
  • Agriculture

Usage Instructions / How to Use:

  • Read product labels before using this rodenticide.
  • Keep it in a safe place & keep the reach of children
  • Do not eat, drink or smoke when using this rodenticide.
  • Wear gloves when opening the container and installing the feed
  • After use, all protective equipment and clothing is cleaned with plenty of water and soap
  • Notify everyone around this rodenticidated area not to allow children, livestock and pets to enter the area during the feed.
  • Damage receptacles and then plant at least 0.5 meters in soil in a place away from residential areas.